Histoire des Arts 2012-2013

Here, you can find the documents studied in class through the year...

So you can remember them, see them in colour and print them...



September 11th, 2001

01-september-11th.jpg"Unspoken Courage" by Pomm (2001)


02-september-11th-1.jpgAnonymous painting (2001?)


06-september-11th.jpgA photograph by Thomas E. Franklin (2001)




London in World War 2


Felix Nussbaum

(only for a few pupils who didn't go skiing...)

"Self Portrait with Key" (1941)


  "Self Portrait with Jewish Identity Card" (1943)


"Triumph of Death" (1944)


A short video on his exhibition in 2011 in Paris:




From Negro Spirituals to Rock'n'Roll

A few links to the videos we watched in class:

"Amazing Grace" by the Harlem Gospel Choir

"When the Saints go marching in" by Louis Armstrong

"Boom Boom" by John Lee Hooker

A medley of Elvis Presley's songs



"The First Thanksgiving, 1621" by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1915 ?)


"Freedom from Want" by Norman Rockwell (1943)


Corpse Bride

(official poster and a few others...)





 royal pavilion

The Royal Pavilion, in Brighton, Great Britain (20th c.)

west pier 

The West Pier, in Brighton, Great Britain (1866)




Buckingham Palace (1703)


Westminster Palace and Big Ben (1097 – 19th c.)


Trafalgar Square (1829-1840)

The Tower of London (1066-13th c.)



roman baths 

The Roman Baths, in Bath, Great Britain (836BC-19th c.)

 hadrian wall

Hadrian's Wall, in Great Britain (122AD...)

Saint alban 

Saint Alban's Amphitheatre, in Great Britain (140AD)


Bignor Roman Villa, in Great Britain (1st c.-3rd c.)

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