Imaginary Worlds - examples (2012-2013)


Here are some of the pictures we saw on October 2nd and 9th 2012:






A few pictures of the world of elves, "Rivendell", in the Movie "The Lord of the Rings":





Extracts from the film by Peter Jackson:





Dragons: 03-watercolour-dragon-by-baby-blue-bell-2.jpg

This dragon is very colourful and flashy. It has got vivid colours.

It has got horns too.

Maybe it is a Chinese dragon beacuse of its long dark moustache.


 This dragon looks nasty and aggressive. Maybe it is going to attack its prey.

It has got sharp teeth and sharp claws.


Fairies by Nene Thomas:

07-nene-thomas-always-2.jpg08-nene-thomas-direwood.jpgThese pictures are quite dark.

They show fairies with very large wings, very long hair and dresses.

In the first one, there is an animal: a crow.

In each picture, there is one fairy in a dark forest. For each picture, there is one main colour: brown or green.

Nature is very important in these pictures.


Fairies by Amy Brown:

13-amy-browngargoyle-i-1.jpgIn this picture, a fairy is kissing a gargoyle. But the gargoyle is not alive, it is in stone.


In this picture, a sad elf is standing. He looks very sad.

He has got a long sword and big wings.

Behind him, there are trees. They are fading, because it is autumn.


Fairies by Jessica Galbreth: 17-galbreth-epgare.jpg

 In this picture, a fairy is standing in a pond. The colours are green and brown. They are very light.

I can see a frog on a branch. It has got wings too.

The fairy looks sad. She has got paintings on her face and a crown of flowers.

18-galbreth-epgari.jpgThis fairy has got an owl.

The colours of this picture are very light too: pink, purple, grey... Maybe it is winter.

There is a strange round sign behind the fairy... What is it?


Fairies by Sandrine Gestin:


 This is the portrait of an elf. She has got long blue or purple hair. It is very flashy.

She has got many golden jewels too and long pointy ears.


An elf is jumping over a mushroom. He is having fun!


Imaginary characters by Rob Alexander:

30-rob-alexander-snake-warrior.jpgI can see a "Snake Warrior". He looks aggressive, he is going to fight.

He looks Asian because of his long black hair and his little eyes.

He has got the hands of a dragon, with sharp claws.

31-rob-alexander-moonfolk-enchanter.jpgIn this picture, a strange being is jumping or flying in the sky. There are clouds and the moon behind him.

Maybe he is a soldier, because he has got a sword. He has got a blue grey skin, and his clothes are the same colour.

This picture is blue.


As a conclusion, when painting or drawing imaginary characters, you must not forget:

* Nature is very important, as well as animals.

* You may choose one colour and develop on it.

* They are often sad or dreamy.

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